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The Parkers is a sitcom that aired for 5 years on UPN from August 30, 1999 - May 10, 2004. It featured the outrageous mother-daughter team of Nikki (Mo'Nique Imes) and Kim Parker (Countess Vaughn). The Parker women's signature "Heeyyy" greeting made its way into popular vernacular, as of the early 2000s. The series was a spin-off of Moesha.


Nikki Parker was forced to drop out of high school to take care of her infant daughter. When Kim reaches adulthood, Nikki finally decides to go back to school. Spunky Kim Parker was initially mortified with this decision, because she had been accepted into Santa Monica College, the same junior college her larger-than-life mother will attend. Eventually Nikki moves into Kim's apartment and takes part in her daughter's social and educational life.
Nikki and Kim's mother-daughter relationship evolves as roommates and as students. Nikki adjusts to the fact that her daughter is old enough to live on her own, while Kim realizes that Nikki has more going on than just being her mom.
This does not mean that it's all smooth sailing in the Parker household. Kim's offbeat best friends, quirky Stevie (Jenna von Oÿ) and ladies' man "T" (Ken Lawson), are always on hand to keep her out of trouble. Meanwhile, Nikki's friend, Andell (Yvette Wilson), is often Nikki's voice of reason in her never-ending pursuit of Professor Stanley Oglevee (Dorien Wilson).
Throughout the series, Kim dates several men, but never settles down. There was an occasion when she married a young man who, as it turned out, was found to be underage. In comparison, Nikki, who sometimes dates other men. It turns out that Oglevee, despite his constant rejection of her affection, actually loves her.


  • Nicole Ann "Nikki" Parker-Oglevee : Nikki cares a lot for her family, and lets nothing stand in the way of love. Although affectionate, she can also be violent, especially toward Kim. Throughout the series, she has several relationships with other people but her love always remains steadfast for the professor.
  • Kimberly Ann Parker: Kim is funny and lovable, but stupid caused by the many attempted beating by Nicki. Though she is usually behind most people when it comes to academics, her big heart and dreams makes up for it. Lead singer in her group, Free Style Unity. She is one of the most well known members of the cast, aside from Nikki. Although, at the end of the show her grades are so bad, she doesn't graduate from Santa Monica Community College, she goes on to become a successful fashion designer.
  • Stevie Van Lowe: Bitter about the relationship between her and her mother, she still is a good friend towards "T" and Kim. She always talks about how she doesn't need companionship but in the end she realizes that's all she ever wanted. She is the back up singer in the group Free Style Unity. She goes to UCLA at the end of the series and goes into business with Kim.
  • Thaddeus "T" Radcliffe: Best friends with Kim and Stevie. Although his duty as a loyal friend can sometimes be side-tracked when he and the professor let their wannabe mack daddy status get in the way of true values. He is also the rapper in his, Kim, and Stevie's, group, Free Style Unity. He goes to school of the arts in Boston at the end of the series.
  • Professor Stanley Oglevee: Constantly being pursued by Nikki, he loses several companions because she either scares them off or completely sabotages the relationship. He is a type of role model to "T" and often counsels him about love--sometimes with disastrous results. Twice during the series he is convinced he loves Nikki, but changes his mind. The second time he has a vision of himself in the mirror, which ultimately convinces him to crash Nikki's wedding to a man she met several weeks prior, and propose marriage.
  • Andell Wilkerson: Nikki Parker's ever loving and loyal best friend. She is the owner of the Andell's, a restaurant that is the setting for several episodes in the show. Throughout the show, she is usually the one keeping a level head. Though sometimes she can be pessimistic, in cases where she tries to convince Nikki that the professor will never like her or that Kim is hopelessly lost. At the end of the series she gets married to her boyfriend Lester.

Episode list

Season 1

  • Episode 1: Grape Nuts (30 August 1999)
  • Episode 2: Scammed Straight (6 September 1999)
  • Episode 3: Daddy's Girl (13 September 1999)
  • Episode 4: Taking Tae-Bo with My Beau (20 September 1999)
  • Episode 5: The Boomerang Effect (27 September 1999)
  • Episode 6: The Dante Got BLACK!! (4 October 1999)
  • Episode 7: Kimberlale (18 October 1999)
  • Episode 8: Quarantine (1 November 1999)
  • Episode 9: And the Band Plays On (8 November 1999)
  • Episode 10: Betting on Love (15 November 1999)
  • Episode 11: It's a Family Affair (22 November 1999)
  • Episode 12: Bad to the Bone (3 January 2000)
  • Episode 13: Big Is Beautiful (24 January 2000)
  • Episode 14: Love Is a Royal Pain (7 February 2000)
  • Episode 15: Funny, Funny Valentine (14 February 2000)
  • Episode 16: Trading Places (21 February 2000)
  • Episode 17: A Simple Plan (20 March 2000)
  • Episode 18: It's a Spring Bling Thing (10 April 2000)
  • Episode 19: Moving on Out (1 May 2000)
  • Episode 20: Unforgiven (8 May 2000)
  • Episode 21: Since I Lost My Baby (15 May 2000)
  • Episode 22: Get Me to the Church on Time (22 May 2000)

Season 3

  • Episode 1: Baby Girl (10 September 2001)
  • Episode 2: Crazy Love (17 September 2001)
  • Episode 3: Not So Super, Supers (24 September 2001)
  • Episode 4: Nobody's Fool (1 October 2001)
  • Episode 5: A Knockout Times Two (8 October 2001)
  • Episode 6: You've Got to Go (15 October 2001)
  • Episode 7: Mummy's the Word (29 October 2001)
  • Episode 8: Take the Cookies and Run (5 November 2001)
  • Episode 9: The Altos (12 November 2001)
  • Episode 10: suckly Ties and Lies (19 November 2001)
  • Episode 11: Secret Santa (17 December 2001)
  • Episode 12: The Revolution (21 January 2002)
  • Episode 13: My Two Dads (4 February 2002)
  • Episode 14: To Love or Not to Love (11 February 2002)
  • Episode 15: Don't Believe the Hype (25 February 2002)
  • Episode 16: Make a Joyful Noise (4 March 2002)
  • Episode 17: A Beautiful Lie (18 March 2002)
  • Episode 18: The Crush (25 March 2002)
  • Episode 19: The Dates from Hell (29 April 2002)
  • Episode 20: Mother's Day Blues (6 May 2002)
  • Episode 21: It's Showtime (13 May 2002)
  • Episode 22: Teach Me Tonight (20 May 2002)

Season 4

  • Episode 1: The Mourning After (23 September 2002)
  • Episode 2: She's Hysterical (30 September 2002)
  • Episode 3: High Heels and Videotapes (7 October 2002)
  • Episode 4: Meter Maids Need Love, Too
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